The ReAd Marie Curie Initial Training Network supports the following fellows:


Ivica CvrtilaIvica Cvrtila was born in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1987. He studied chemistry in Zagreb from 2006 to 2011 and obtained MSc working on structural chemistry of hexacyanoferrates of organic bases, mostly focused on hydrogen bonded networks that arise from protonated hexacyanoferric units. During the studies he also worked on pyridine derivatives' adducts of metal(II) benzoylacetonates and related coordination compounds. In 2012 he joined the group of Sijbren Otto to pursue his PhD in the field of dynamic combinatorial chemistry. His current goals are artificial beta-barrels and beta-tubes arising from dynamic combinatorial libraries.


Giulia LeonettiGiulia Leonetti was born in Messina (Italy) in 1987. She studied Chemistry at the University of Messina, receiving the Bachelor degree in 2009 and the Master degree in 2011. Her work focused on the development of new synthetic pathways for the synthesis of unsymmetrical disulfides and stereocontrolled arylseleno-vinylsulfoxides using sulfenic acids as intermediates. The thesis were carried out under the supervision of prof. dr. M. C. Aversa and dr. A. Barattucci. She then joined the group of prof. Sijbren Otto at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen in February 2012 to start her Ph.D. in the field of Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry, working on self-replicating chemical systems.



Giulia LeonettiRakesh Mukherjee was born in Burdwan, India in 1988. He studied the chemistry in University of Burdwan as an undergraduate and received his degree in 2008. While in his M.Sc. in Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, he learned about the synthesis and characterization of novel lipid molecules and protein-lipid interactions. In November, 2012 he started his Ph.D. studies in Ben-Gurion University under the supervision of Prof. Gonen Ashkenasy working on self-assembly of peptides and catalytic networks.




Giulia LeonettiArtem Osypenko was born in 1989, in Ternopil, Ukraine. He studied chemistry at Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University where he worked in the group of Prof. Alexander Golub on the synthesis of immobilised luminescent probes. In 2012, he graduated with honors from Paul Sabatier University – Toulouse III, France. Here, he worked in the Laboratory of Coordination Chemistry on the synthesis of poly-L-lysine with pendant porphyrins under the supervision of Dr. Nathalie Solladie. From September 2012 he has been working at the CNRS of Strasbourg - Institut Charles Sadron - as a PhD student in the research group of Prof. Nicolas Giuseppone. In particular, his project deals with Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry applied to material science.



Elena PalmieriElena Palmieri was born in Milan, Italy, in 1988. She studied Chemistry at the University of Milan (2007-2012). In July 2010 she obtained her Bachelor degree under the supervision of Prof. Dr. A. Silvani and Prof. Dr. G. Lesma, working on the synthesis of chiral quaternary 3-aminooxindoles. In September 2010 she joined the group of Dr. G. Musco at Dulbecco Telethon Institute as a visiting student, conducting comparative sequence and structural analysis of PHD finger and molecular modeling by means of Modeller. In October she then enrolled in the M.Sc. Organic Chemistry program at the University of Milan, receiving her Master’s degree in October 2012; her thesis research was conducted under the guidance of Prof. Dr. C. Gennari, and involved the optimization of a new class of chiral supramolecular ligands and their application in enantioselective Rhodium-catalyzed hydrogenation reactions. In November 2012 she joined the research group of Prof. Dr. Günter von Kiedrowski at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, where is currently pursuing her PhD, working on autocatalytic desymmetrizations of prochiral compounds.


Leonardo MaugeriLeonardo Maugeri was born in Rome in 1988. He received his Bachelor degree (October 2009, honours) and Master degree (January 2012, honours) in Chemistry, both from the University of Rome "La Sapienza." His final year Msc dissertation project focused  on dynamic combinatorial chemistry and it was carried out in the group of Professor Luigi Mandolini, under the supervision of Dr Stefano Di Stefano and Dr Roberta Cacciapaglia. Previously (Summer 2010), he had obtained a summer fellowship placement in Professor Javier De Mendoza's group at the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ) located in Tarragona, Spain. Starting from April 2012, he is a PhD student in chemistry at the University of St Andrews under the supervision of Professor Douglas Philp.


Sergio Garcia MartinSergio García Martin was born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1986. He studied Chemistry at the University of Barcelona (UB) and finished it in 2010. Immediately, he started a MSc (Master in Advanced Organic Chemistry) obtained in 2011 including courses and one year of experimental work. During this year he was working on the synthesis of analogues of the Polymyxin B (antibiotic cyclopeptide) and further evaluation of their biological activity with both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. Nowadays, he is doing his PhD at the University of Padova under the supervision of Prof. Leonard Prins working on self-assembly of peptides on the surface of monolayer protected Au nanoparticles.


Ziya KostereliZiya Kostereli was born in Bursa, Turkey which is located near Istanbul, in the west part of Turkey.  He joined the chemistry department of Middle East Technical University as an undergraduate student in 2005 in Ankara. In 2nd year of BS degree, he also registered the chemical engineering department of same university as a double major student. After graduation from both departments in 2009, he moved to chemistry department of Bilkent Univesity to do M.Sc. study under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Engin U. Akkaya. During my master studies,he studied on development of fluorescent chemosensors, energy transfer cassettes and molecular logic gates. He got M.Sc. degree in 2011 and he joined the group of Prof. Dr. Kay Severin at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL) in 2011 as a PhD student. He has been working on micelle-based chemosensors. He uses callasical chemosensor approach to sense important biogenic amines in water. He also uses pattern-based sensor approach to sense complex analytes such as aminoglycosids which are amine containing antibiotics. Outside the lab, he plays soccer, basketball and he likes hiking, fishing and cycling.


Yousef Abul-HaijaYousef Abul-Haija received his BSc (2006) and MSc (2009) in Applied Chemistry from Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan. His MSc project involved the synthesis and characterization of pectin hydrogel copolymers for drug delivery applications. Directly after graduation, Yousef worked as a quality control analyst in Hikma Pharmaceutical Company (Jordan) for two years. In 2012, he was awarded Marie Curie ITN Fellowship to pursue his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Rein Ulijn. His project is in the area of dynamic peptide-based materials which display adaptive biological functionality.



Julia Asencio HernándezJulia Asencio Hernández was born in Crevillent (Spain) in 1986. She studied Chemistry at the University of Alicante (2004-2010). In 2011, she finished a Master in Bioengineering (Toxicology); her Master thesis was on the development of a low toxicity chromatographic method by HPLC, to measure retinoids in biological samples. After that, she moved to Stockholm (Sweden) with a Leonardo da Vinci program and with a practical contract after the grant period. She was studying the alteration of retinoids levels in rats by flame- retardants, at Karolinska Institutet until the end of July 2012. In October 2012, she started her PhD at NMRTEC and the University of Strasbourg under the supervision of Prof. Marc-André Delsuc working on the development of NMR methodologies for the study of complex mixtures.


Julia Asencio HernándezElnaz Salehi received her BSc (2003) and MSc (2006) in Chemical Engineering from Nooshirvani Technical University and Tehran University, respectively, in Iran. Her Master thesis Project was Reaction modeling and Reactor design of Maleic Anhydride Production from Partial Oxidation of n-Butane. After graduation, she worked for the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry as process simulation and optimization engineer and later in the Pars Oil and Gas Company in Iran as process design engineer of offshore surface facilities. In January 2010, she moved to the USA and studied Petroleum Engineering at the University of Tulsa, OK. She was granted scholarship from Tulsa University Artificial Lift Project and pursued research on Two-Phase Flow Studies on Electrical Submersible Pumps. In August 2013 she started working as PhD candidate and research assistant with the company Informium in Germany.


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