Selected Publications

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Books and Book Chapters

P. Strazewski. RNA as major components in chemical evolvable systems (chapter 1, pp 1–24), in: Chemical Biology of Nucleic Acids: Fundamentals and Clinical Applications. V. A. Erdmann, W. T. Markiewicz, J. Bar­ci­szew­ski (eds.). Series: RNA Technologies. V. A. Erdmann, J. Barciszewski (series eds.), Springer 2014.

P. Strazewski. Amphiphilic peptidyl-RNA, in: DNA in Supramolecular Chemistry and Nano­tech­no­logy. E. Stulz, G. H. Clever (eds), Wiley 2014.


Media and Outreach

Interview "7 questions to Prof. Strazewski" published (in Polish) in the May issue of "Wiedza i Życie" ("Knowledge and Life").

Prof. Strazewski on YouTube "No RNA World without Peptides and Lipids" a scientific meeting in November 2013 in Poznań, Poland:

Dr J. Howse, Dr A.F. Taylor and artist Mark Fell turned the Arts Tower into a 255-foot art installation using computer controlled lighting to display simulations of complex chemical reactions reactions:

Prof. Kepa Ruiz-Mirazo’s blog entry:




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