Even though the Action has attracted already many research groups it is still possible to join the Action. Condition is that you country has signed up to the Action.

You can check in the Action Fact Sheet which can be found on the COST website

If your country has not signed up and you would still like to join the Action, please contact the action chair by email.

If your country has signed up to the Action then complete this Application Form and send it by email to the Action Chair.

(As the Action has now close to the maximum number of research groups at this stage only applications can be approved that match perfectly with the research objectives and that are of exceptional quality.)

COST Action

General Information
Start Date: 3-12-2013
End Date: 2-12-2017

Action Chair:
Prof. Sijbren Otto

Vice Chair:
Prof. Gonen Ashkenasy

STSM Manager:
Prof. Kepa Ruiz-Mirazo

Dissemination Manager:
Prof. Annette Taylor

DC Rapporteurs:
Dr. Denis Neibecker

Science Officer:
Dr. Lucia Forzi

Administrative Officer:
Ms. Svetlana Voinova